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DMV Reports

DMV ReportWhy you must get DMV reports

We highly advise you to get a copy of your drivers license record and DMV reports BEFORE shopping for car insurance. Many of us have errors in our driving reports and on on our driver's license that will drive up insurance rates. A few years ago I paid a traffic ticket, but they never credited my driving record, nor did they credit me for going to driving school! How did I find out? Allstate canned me!

That's not the way you want to find an error on your driving record. I saw an article in the paper where the clerk of the court admitted they had a 20% error rate, and shrugged it off as normal. So lucky 20% me had my license suspended by mistake. You DO NOT want to go through what I did to fix it. Be sure to get your Driving Record and DMV reports.

If you go to driving school or pay any fines, keep the receipt in your wallet for 3 years or until you renew your license! If you get pulled over by the police, it's your only salvation from being dragged off to jail for driving with a suspended license. Just as your credit history finds cat loan approval, your driving record works out how cheap your insurance will be. Getting a dmv reports is beneficial to you and your future as well as ordering your driving records online.

Click Here to Order Employees Driving Records Nationwide!

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